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    The Society for Women in Business (SWIB), affiliated with Cornell's Dyson School, is the largest undergraduate business organization for women at Cornell, connecting students of all majors with each other and with professional leaders in the business world. We aim to empower talented and intelligent women through education and experience. Through research projects, panels, speaker events, skill-building workshops, and networking events, our goal is to provide our members with the tools to help them advance both personally and professionally.

  • Executive Board

    2018 Leadership Team

    Emily King


    Industrial Labor Relations '20

    Emily King is a sophomore majoring in Industrial and Labor Relations and pursuing minors in Business and Law and Society. In addition to being the Co-President of SWIB, she is the Diversity and Inclusion chair of her business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi and is on the Human Resources team for Anabel's Grocery. Last summer, Emily was an ILR High Road Fellow and worked at the Food Bank of Western New York and next summer she will be interning in Human Resources at Liberty Mutual Insurance. In her free time, Emily enjoys cheering on the Cleveland Cavaliers, exploring National Parks and watching the Food Network.

    Rachel Novick


    Psychology and Law '19

    Rachel Novick is a junior from Mamaroneck, New York, pursuing a major in Psychology and Law through the College Scholar Program. In addition to being the Co-President of the Society for Women in Business, on campus, Rachel is a Research Assistant in the Lab for Rational Decision Making and serves on the Academic Integrity Hearing Board. This past summer, she worked in Investment Management at Goldman Sachs, where she will return next summer. In her free time, she enjoys being with family and friends, playing with her dog, and hiking.

    Diana Lozina

    Senior Vice President

    Industrial Labor Relations '20

    Diana Lozina is a sophomore from Westchester, New York majoring in Industrial Labor Relations. In addition to being the Senior Vice President of Society of Women in Business, Diana is a member of the Make-A- Wish club, Habitats for Humanity and the social sorority, Alpha Phi. In her free time, Diana enjoys traveling with her family, exercising, and exploring Ithaca with her friends.

    Claudia Chan

    VP of Finance

    Policy Analysis and Management '20

    Claudia Chan is a sophomore from Hong Kong majoring in Policy Analysis and Management and pursuing minors in Business and Law and Society. In addition to serving as the Vice President of Finance for SWIB, she is also a Human Ecology Student Ambassador and is involved in the Student Activities Funding Commission and the social sorority, Pi Beta Phi. During her free time, Claudia enjoys reading, spending time with family and exploring new restaurants in Ithaca.

    Sonal Lakhotia

    VP of Marketing

    Applied Economics and Management '20

    Sonal Lakhotia is a sophomore from Albany, New York majoring in Applied Economics and Management, concentrating in Business Analytics and Finance. In addition to being the Vice President of Marketing for SWIB, she serves as Chief Marketing Officer of Smart Woman Securities, Senior Vice President and Technology Sector Leader of Cornell Current, and Treasurer of Cornell Dancers' Alliance. She is also a research assistant for the Dyson School in Consumer Behavior and a member of Beta Alpha Psi Honors Fraternity. During her free time, Sonal enjoys practicing and competing with her dance team, Cornell Big Red Raas, and longboarding during the summer.

    Lee Hofman

    ​Co-VP of Internal Development

    Applied Economics and Management '20

    Lee Hofman is a sophomore from Great Neck, New York majoring in Applied Economics and Management. This past summer, she worked as an Accounting and Business Development Intern at Lamb Financial Group in New York City. In addition to being the Co-Vice President of Internal Development for SWIB, she is the Director of Recruitment of her business fraternity, Phi Gamma Nu, and is the Head Grader for AEM 2100. In her free time, Lee likes to spend time with family and friends, explore Ithaca, and listen to music

    Puneet Arneja

    Co-VP of Internal Development

    Applied Economics and Management '20

    Puneet Arneja is a sophomore from Plainview, Long Island majoring in Applied Economics and Management, concentrating in marketing and strategy. In addition to being the Co-VP of Internal Development for SWIB, Puneet is a member of the Dyson Inclusion and Diversity Program, the social sorority, Sigma Delta Tau, and the business fraternity, Phi Gamma Nu. She is also a Teaching Assistant for two classes at the Dyson School: Statistics and Marketing. In her free time, Puneet enjoys playing sports – specifically soccer and volleyball – reading, traveling, and running.

    Lakshmi Babureddy

    Co-VP of On-Campus Affairs

    Applied Economics and Management '20

    Lakshmi Babureddy is a sophomore from Long Island, New York majoring in Applied Economics and Management with a concentration in Finance. In addition to being the Vice President of On-Campus Affairs, she is a member of Dyson's Leadership Development Program. This past summer she was a marketing and search engine optimizing intern for HG Stones. In her free time, Lakshmi enjoys listening to music and rereading her favorite Roald Dahl books.

    Olivia Krawitt

    Co-VP of On-Campus Affairs

    Government '20

    Olivia Krawitt is a sophomore from London, majoring in Government with a Business minor. In addition to SWIB, she is also a member of Cornell Strategic Consulting, the Cornell Alpine Ski Team, and a social sorority. She is also involved with research and is a Teaching Assistant for Financial Accounting. This summer, Olivia will be interning at a private equity firm in London. In her free time, Olivia enjoys skiing and watching Grey’s Anatomy.

    Amanda Kichline

    VP of Administration & Alumnae Affairs

    Policy Analysis and Management '20

    Amanda Kichline is a sophomore from Philadelphia majoring in Policy Analysis and Management and minoring in Business. On campus, she is the Vice President of Administration and Alumnae Affairs for SWIB, a staff writer for the Cornell Daily Sun, a Cayuga's Watcher, and the Vice President of Programming for her social sorority, Delta Gamma. Amanda is interested in the intersection of public policy, economics, and business. In her free time, Amanda enjoys cooking, exercising, spending time with her family and friends, and going to the beach.

  • Emerging Leaders Program

    The Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is designed to introduce underclassmen to teamwork, public speaking, and presenting skills as an analyst, while also allowing upperclassmen to act as associates and have the opportunity to practice leadership skills by managing a team. Students are divided into teams based on their career interests and chose a business trend. Past presentation topics include

    • The effect of Climate Change on valuation and stocks
    •  Interest rates
    • Changing preferences in the food industry
    • Big Data
    • The Finch Industry: Its rise and profitable companies within it
    • Fashion technology
    • Smart-home technology and its impact on consumer behavior

  • Calendar

    Spring 2018 Opportunities

    Applications for ELP are Open!

    Deadline: Tuesday, February 20th

    Apply to be in ELP this semester! Whether you are a new analyst or a returning member who seeks to take on a higher leadership position as an associate, this program is for you! Apply here!

    Applications for Mentors are Open!

    Deadline: Tuesday, February 20th

    We are excited to launch our Mentor/Mentee Program for this semester! If you are interested in being a Mentor, apply here! Mentee applications will be released soon.

    First G-Body Meeting

    Wednesday, February 14th at 5:00 pm, Warren Hall 151

    Meet with SWIB members and learn about how to get involved with SWIB through the Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) and the Mentor/Mentee Program. Important application deadlines and other opportunities will be highlighted in this meeting!

    Bank of America Merrill Lynch Panel and Networking Session

    Tuesday, February 13th at 3:30 pm, Warren Hall B25

    Freshmen and sophomores in Society of Women in Business, Smart Woman Securities, and Cornell’s Forté Chapter are invited to join representatives from Bank of America Merrill Lynch for a panel and networking session. Dress code is casual and the event is drop-in style.
    Please register for the event: https://bankcampuscareers.tal.net/vx/lang-en-GB/candidate/postings/1832


    Sunday, February 4th at 1:00 pm, Barton Hall

    Visit our table and learn about SWIB and the ELP Program from members of the Executive Board!

    Diversity Programming Panel

    Thursday, February 1st at 5:00 pm, Warren Hall 401

    We are very excited to be co-sponsoring this Diversity Programming Panel with Delta Sigma Pi! This will be an excellent opportunity to learn about diversity programming opportunities when recruiting. See you there!

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    Sonal Lakhotia | sl2224@cornell.edu


    Amanda Kichline | aek224@cornell.edu